Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Are you able to guess it.... I gained all that weight back!!

So Back at 353 lbs. Last November I was at 375 lbs.  I have been going to to doctor 1 time a month to try to help me lose weight. The thing is he says that i can eat what i want but i don't think he fully understands I have a addiction to food. I cant find anywhere on this blog what the hell i was eating to lose 75 lbs in 2009. So I will start eating right again, no fast food, junk food or drinking soda. I haven't drank any soda since Aug 11th but i went from 347 to 358 lbs. Also I have really bad depression right now from my weight. I hate doing anything other than work and dealing with my kids. Some days I don't want to be around my husband. So starting Friday I will start doing weight in. Also Tuesdays I think I will start posting what i ate all day. This way if i start to loss the weight again I can refer back if I start to fall off the wagon. Also shame on me for getting under 300 and being upset that i hit a damn plateau. What the Hell was I thinking!!! I was wrong to say in 4 yr i will be 450 lbs but 375 was close enough. I just want to have energy and feel better about myself. To many years have passed and me to feel so let w