Thursday, June 25, 2009

thursdays wiegh in 292.1

Yeah so i have lost all that added wieght and a pound! I know i can get back on and keep going. Sorry to cut this short. and sorry for blogging so late for last thursday. Thanks Kins for keeping me on track!

Monday, June 22, 2009

thursdays wiegh in ( ok so i am late on this!) 297.7

yeah so i gained again last week. 1.7 lbs. Honestly i am still cheating, fell off the darn wagon and taking my time to get back on i feel like. Last week i was still eating after 7, some days till 11am. umm ate Doritos, crumble coffee cake, star bucks, and cinn buns. Yeah i really feel off the darn wagon, but i am trying to be good today. Today i can just jump back on and try again. I know i can do it. I need to keep going. and sorry heather for snapping about my blog. I just don't like to admit to failure. It sucks and i only have one person to blame, me. I am the one that is hindering my success and i am the only one that can put me back on track. Want to hear another secret, ummm i haven't worked out in a month. again i WILL work out tonight. at least for a half hour. I think i set standards to high and feeling a little down and out cause of those standards. If i just keep going a lose or stay the same then i will be happy. No more of expecting to lose 3 lbs a week or forcing myself to work out for three hours a day. I wanted to keep up with the biggest loser and that isn't realistic. Sorry you guys for letting you down. Mostly sorry for letting myself down and giving up on myself. I have to be better to myself and give myself a chance to live!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

thursdays weigh in. 296.00

i cheated....again!!!!!! eating after 7pm. Next week will be better. Jusdt stressed that jp might be losing his job, but thats not an excuse. Talk to you all later.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Thursdays Weigh in 293.7

Yeah four lbs this week. Not bad. I have 2 more lbs and i am at amy's pre operation weight. At that time i was 275lbsish. I just want to get to 270 so i can get my own insurance, which would be really nice. Follow up next week with you guys. Yeah i am getting there!