Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thursdays weigh in 305.9

See getting closer. Sorry but i have to make this quick today. But i didnt hit my goal of under 300 by the end of this month, but i have still lost 5 lbs in the last month. So yeahhhh.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thursdays weigh in! 310.5

ok so up two pounds. At least i am not back at 350, right! That's truly my attitude right now. Anyways i am kinda stressing about the wedding and money issues. Grrrr, why cant we all be rich. That would be great! If any body has some great advice on how to be thrifty, i really need some help! Talk to you guys later.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

thursdays weigh in 308.2

yep 2 pounds this week. next week i am going to start weighing in the morning. I do weigh more in the morning, just slightly. This morning i was at 308.9. so .7 lbs this morning. But its ok, i will deal with the slight increase. But i am still losing. oh yeah i am getting married October 10th an i need to lose 3 more dress sizes to fit into the dress i want. they start at a size 20 and stop at a 16. but i can get there. Happy birthday Kins. Cant wait till Saturday for the party.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thursdays weigh in! 310.6

so another pound bites the dust!!!!!!! I really want to lose the 10 pounds before the end of the month but it doesn't look like it will happen. This past week i worked my butt off, everyday working out. Thanks to Kins i realize i have been looking at things the past last little while in the wrong way. I got upset cause i tried to run as fast as i could for as long as i could and i only ran for 6 1/2 minutes straight and only got .42 miles. I was looking at this as ouch, not any good. But she brought me back to earth and related it to how i was doing four months ago. Which is great! Anyways, i will be working out more, I have been sticking with the diet and no problems. Just a lot of i wants but i know they aren't good for me. 40 more pounds and i can get my own insurance instead of works crappy insurance. that's one of the biggest reasons i wanted to lose weight, other then feeling better and being healthy. I know this time is different and i can do it. thanks!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thursdays weigh in! 311.8

So that's right i lost a nice 3.2 pounds. I worked my butt off and really wanted to lose 5 pounds, but that's ok. I am really trying to work hard on losing weight to get under 300 lbs before the end of April. I was tired of not losing enough weight. I know why i wasn't losing weight like i was in the beginning and its because i lost momentum with the work out. So my goal is to work out atleast two hours a day, they work out 6 hours a day on the biggest loser, i can make time to work out 2 hours a day. The minimum i want to work out is an hour. I need to do this, its just the next mountain i need to climb. Anyways, i know i am doing great, i just need to be doing fabulous. I need to do all i can do to be healthy. I have a new weight loss buddy and we are going to walk on Wednesday's around the temple cause of the big hills. And i am thinking Saturdays and Sunday's to walk up the stairs of old main cause that's a pain in the bum. Little things to change, plus all the work out videos i have collected over the years. You would really think i love to work out cause of all the unopened videos i have. :D anyhow I think i am on some type of right track now. Plus i am giving myself the encouragement i need. I know i can be 175 in a yearish if i just keep on truckin, and work on the things that i need to because its only me that is holding myself down.
picture- august 2004 Las Vega's for my 21st b-day. 280ish lbs