Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thursdays Weigh In! 323.7

Ready, I am now.......323.7 yeah! that means i have lost since last week 3.8 lbs. OK so we are saying four lbs again. come on. But really the best part about this week, i was sicker then all get out. haven't worked out since last Thursday (which i am not saying i am cutting working out, out. ). Also since i was really sick Friday Saturday, Sunday and Monday I also drank Sprite (which i am not going to give in on my diet, i was just sick). So not bad for two BAD things this last week. I was also thinking about changing my weigh in day to Friday since its the end of the week. But thinking more on that we really don't have anything to look forward to on Thursday other then Friday is the day after. but every other day i have something to look forward to: Monday(Hate Mondays, we all do) Tuesday(Standard day) Wednesday ( hump day, middle of week. We made it that far) Thursdays ( humm tomorrow is Friday) Friday( pay day every other week) Saturday ( we get every other one off) Sunday ( rest day)!! So you see i need to do weigh ins on Thursday. Anyways thanks again you guys for the help. Heather and Cody i swear i will work out everyday this week meaning i will start on Sunday( i have to move all of JP's stuff out of his moms) that a work out enough, lots of stairs. See i don't get that work out on the treadmill.
Love you guys!
*Picture August 2008- weight around 340+

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thursdays weigh in 327.5

I am now at 327.5 yeah! Keep on truckin right. So last week i was at 331. So that means i am losing 1 pound every other day or 1/2 lb everyday. Thanks you guys! I really do appreciate you dealing with me and the support i am getting. I had to apologize to Heather because i rolled my eyes at her when she told me to work out. i was really having a rough couple of days. But thanks heather for being there.
Pictures- Manda and Westons wedding sometime in fall of 2006

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Rough start to this week!

So far this week i have thought about giving up on working out twice and cheating more times then i can think of. Its only Tuesday and i really want to give up just for a day. Which sucks because i know if i keep going i will loose more weight. I have been weighing myself everyday and i think since i lost all that water weight its going to take longer to loose the rest. So i will weigh myself on Thursdays now. i am at 329.90 right now. Any ways i know i am not going to give up, just feeling that at times. Kins always says every time you think of something in the negative, have a positive to back it up. So the Positive I have lost weight instead of gaining. And just a couple more pounds and i will be down one whole size. I know I can put those new pants on that i just bought, but they will be a little tight right now. I hate tight pants! Anyways i will write again on Thursday.
*Picture-Amy and my 25th birthday, Unsure of wieght but over 300.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

thursdays first weigh in 331

So this is my firt Blog, So bare with me while i figure it out. The reason i started this blog was to help me with my weight loss. My friend heather told me to start one and i decied it might really help. I have started a diet on Dec. 8th but cheated on it like i normally do, i mean did. I had a family meeting and told everyone my horrible eating secrets. The biggest thing was when noone is around i cheat, because i would tell myself that if none saw or knew it wasnt cheating. The second thing was i am really scared i am going to be a over weight person that cant get outta bed. Now everyone tells me thats not going to happen but i believe it is more a reality then a nightmare i have. Due to i have gained 80lbs in three years. thats 27 lbs every year. give me another four years and i would be 450 lbs. Yeah stuck in bed looks more likely now huh. So if you did your math correct i started at 350lbs. ouch. and honestly i could have weighed more because i didnt weigh myself till the 15th. But Since my intervention i have been great, no cheating. i talk about it everyday. I also keep telling myself keep going, cause if i give up this time i will die! No lie, dad had diabieties and high blood pressure. Today i am 331, which i have worked my ass off for those 19lbs that really have stayed off. i hit 20lbs last weekend, but i keep fluctuating that darn last pound. My Next goal is 31 lbs to get under 300. I would like to be 240 by the time i get married in october and my big goal is 180-175. So i will keep posting, adding my thought and struggles threw this addiction. I would just like to really say thank you to my friends at work: Elise, Heather W, HKins, Jamie B, and Cody. thank you for the support. Cody is great, he makes sure i work out everyday. Just by a text, but its working so far. I went from only 10 minutes of working out, now up to 50 minutes and 2 miles at2.3 which is fat burning. Thank you cody! So i have babbled on for a long time, thanks kins for this outlet.
*picture-december 25th 2009. wieght around 340ish